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The following is an extract from showing when Alice Murphy (my grandmother) initially immigrated to the US.  Interesting tidbid of info in that it shows their residence as being Morristown, NJ.  The digital version of the manifest will be here soon.


Associated Passenger

Date of Arrival Port of Departure Line #
Page #  0173
 Murphy, Alice Aug 11, 1914 Queenstown -
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Manifest for Cedric
Sailing from Queenstown
Name Gender Age Married Ethnicity Place of Residence
0001.  Finn, George M 17y S U.S.A. New York
0002.  Kennedy, Martin M 52y S U.S.A.  
0003.  O'Connor, Patrick M 39y M U.S.A. N.J.
0004.  Terry, ... F 37y   U.S.A. Yonkers, N.Y.
0005.  Terry, Josephine F 11y 6m S U.S.A. Yonkers, N.Y.
0006.  Terry, John M 10y S U.S.A. Yonkers, N.Y.
0007.  Terry, William M 7y S U.S.A. Yonkers, N.Y.
0008.  Kavanagh, Thomas M 35y M U.S.A. Providence, N.D.
0009.  Reily, John M 47y M U.S.A. N.Y.
0010.  McGrath, William M 71y M U.S.A. Springfield
0011.  CCorbett, Patrick M 44y M U.S.A. Springfield
0012.  O'Comerll, James M 34y M U.S.A. New York
0013.  Co..., William M 30y M U.S.A.  
0014.  Sullivan, Eugen M 40y S U.S.A.  
0015.  Welsh, John M 50y M U.S.A. Baltimore
0016.  O'Mahony, James M 32y M U.S.A. New York
0017.  Murphy, Johanna F 46y M U.S.A. N.J.
0018.  Murphy, Catherine F 16y 10m S U.S.A. N.J.
0019.  Murphy, Alice F 39y M U.S.A. N.J.
0020.  Murphy, Francis M 16y 6m S U.S.A. N.J.
0021.  Murphy, John M 10y S U.S.A. N.J.
0022.  Murphy, Alice F 6y 6m S U.S.A. N.J.
0023.  C.., ... F 40y M U.S.A. Yonkers, N.Y.
0024.  C..., Mary F 5y S U.S.A. Yonkers, N.Y.
0025.  Gretan, Jane F 45y M U.S.A. New Haven, Conn.
0026.  Dalton, Thomas M 40y S U.S.A. Brooklyn, N.Y.
0027.  Dwyer, Jeremiah F 66y M U.S.A. Ind.
0028.  Duggan, Margaret F 39y M U.S.A. Dayton, O.
0029.  Duggan, Margaret F 10y S U.S.A. Dayton, O.
0030.  Duggan, Joseph M 3y S U.S.A. Dayton, O.


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